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December 13, 2020

Web Design For Tradesmen

Don't get stung by the big boys!

Do you own a trades business and want to take your business online?  With so many options to explore, it can be very confusing and many businesses and tradesmen can easily get caught in those “Quick Deals” from big Directory Companies such as Wix, GoDaddy, 1and1 and 123Reg. Before long you will realise certain limitations and worst of all you will be out of pocket.

  1. Most likely, you will be tied into a contract and there is nothing you could do about that - unless pay fees to leave.
  2. The site builders may look appealing and user friendly, but you are getting the same website John Smith down the road. Site builders often have limited layouts and most websites they provide all look the same.
  3. These site builders from above - are all American based companies. More than likely their servers are hosted in the USA. This means that your target audiences have to connect to a server in the USA, all this may take seconds, and will slow the loading and performance of your site. Worst of all, Google prefers your website to be in the same country as where you are providing your services.
  4. The site builders above, their servers are mostly Apache. Apache servers are known to be 28x times slower than LiteSpeed servers - which is what we do.
  5. So you want your website to have a custom feature, or bespoke function - you can't simply add this in. We can though!

This is where Kettering Web Design can step in. We have seen the joy from customers who have left their previous “Self Web Design Company” and are able to fully see the potential of their business operating online, with a correct tailored and affordable website.

How Can We Help?

We appreciate the value of time and know that you need to focus on your trade business! We will be able to manage all of your online digital presence, create social profiles and link everything together. We will find out your target audiences and suggest the best ways to gain more visitors and get them to interact with your website.

Kettering Web Design - for Businesses in Kettering, Rothwell and Desborough

Kettering Web Design has had over 10 years within the web design industry. We have helped many business in Kettering and surrounding areas to expand and grow their digital online presence. We provide affordable web design in Kettering, affordable web design in Corby. We also provide stunning business card design in Kettering, and branding services for businesses and tradesmen in Kettering.

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