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December 13, 2020

Is Your Website Working For Your Business

Now Is The Time To Invest In Your Business

You may have already got a website but have noticed that sales in the past year have not been as great as you hoped. Perhaps the current economic situation has contributed to this and you may have found your visitors and enquiries have dwindled. We need to understand the target audience and their user-behaviour before we identify solutions.

With time on our side for the next few weeks, you can sit down and focus on your business strategies to ensure your business website is doing everything as best it can possibly do - so when things pick up, you can bounce straight into sales.

Identifying Current Website Problems

When you have an issue with your internet at home or at work, you check the router, the computer, the laptop and see if there is a fault with the connection or even the supplier. You Identify And Isolate The Problem. The same is with your website. With our help, we can notice areas of your website that need improving. From our experience in the industry, there are 2 main reasons that affect a website.

Problem 1: Website Traffic

The Problem: Your website is on Google, but maybe not on page 1, or page 2 or even page 3. You may find that your website visitors each month are really low.

Problem 2 : Website Performance

The Problem: Your website has traffic but no one is buying or submitting any enquiries. It could be that your website has bad traffic - where users arrive on your site expecting one thing only to see something else. It could be that your visitors do not trust the authenticity of your website or maybe your prices are too high compared to rivals? Your website could be slow at loading and may need optimising.

Kettering Web Design - for Businesses in Kettering, Rothwell and Desborough

Kettering Web Design has had over 10 years within the web design industry. We have helped many business in Kettering and surrounding areas to expand and grow their digital online presence. We provide affordable web design in Kettering, affordable web design in Corby. We also provide stunning business card design in Kettering, and branding services for businesses and tradesmen in Kettering.

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